Помогите определить минерал :)

очень много вопросов типа: определите породу или минерал по фотографии. А может это метеорит?
Определение минералов по любительским фотографиям - забавный вид спорта, но иногда даже это возможно. Поэтому мы завели для таких вопросов отдельную ветку.

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Помогите определить минерал :)

Сообщение dangkhoa » Вс сен 24, 2017 9:21 pm

It certainly is nice to obtain a telephone call from Lee up at NHS that begins with, "Hey Rhino, you need to visit Australia for 2 days using the Creach crew?" The apparent fact is, "Fuck yeah!" Done. You consider it 'til you need to pack and obtain on the flight. best complete skateboard for beginners

Any lottery pick of team riders out of this crew is rad, and also the winning figures this time around were Navarrette, Partanen, Gravette, Bingaman, Hooker, newest team rider Ryan Reyes, and special Fiend Emmanuel Guzman. The path was Melbourne to Queensland, two vans, mega demos, so that as much piss while you could drink in route.

But once in a while you receive a small wrench tossed in to the plan, like whenever you ignore certain needs, or once the true information on the trip aren't discussed before you arrive. Additional Aimers, photographers, and 2 vans engrossed in Creature stickers advertising the Australian tour? Extra demos and BBQs and shop signings?

So we all think it is only a Aiming trip for that approaching Creature vid. Still, currently when some skateboard companies can't even afford to get away from town, these wrenches are simple to use. It is a lengthy way to the peak if you wish to rock 'n roll.


That which was the wedding pro demo you attended like a kid?

The Piece of fabric Impact Tour--most likely 1988--in Dayton's Mall, downtown Minneapolis. There is a vert ramp along with a small street course with a few launch ramps. The area was packed. I recall eating some hotdogs, therefore we left and went skating downtown.

The town was flooded with skaters. I was skating round the mall and encountered Shaun Kendall because he was departing. Hell yeah i was hyped! We simply saw Kendall!

Are you aware it was a demo trip?

I had no clue. I figured it was one of our regular Creature journeys where we'd go skate rad spots and shoot and movie our adventure independently. But number.. Not this time around. When we've got from the plane, both of these cars with "Creature Australian Tour 2012" plastered around the sides selected us up. I stated it loud: "If the don't say demo throughout it, I'm not sure exactly what does.Inch The number of demos have you heard about before coming around australia?

I heard we may need to do three, however that a couple of them were only shop signings.

And the number of have you really need to do?

They reversed it upon us. It switched out that people had thee slow days, and individuals were the driving days! It began once the cars selected us up following a 13-hour flight and informed us that people really needed to perform a shop signing along with a demo that very same day. Where do you consider all of your bloodstream goes following a 13-hour flight? For your ankles! Now go and jump lower several things! No lie, we really did three demos in a single day.

Describe an unofficial demo situation about this trip. That which was track of the BBQs?

I was informed the demos could be much more of a meet-and-greet. This family pops up and states, "Rad, man! We drove seven hrs in the future watch everyone!"

I figured to myself, "They drove seven hrs to look at us eat hotdogs?Inch

What is the worst question someone can inquire in a demo?

"Exactly why is your gaming character so a lot better than you?"

What's your go-to trick in a demo?

Is acting just like a team manager a trick?

That which was the very best demo around the trip? what size skateboard should i get

Belconnen skatepark. A1 and Eman nicknamed me the Demo God. I had been just bummed the factor I needed to skate probably the most was before 100 people, which day was the only real day we're able to exist because we'd another meet-and-greet BBQ the following day. I simply desired to ride it badly which i guess I shut it lower.

And also the worst?

I suppose Newcastle. Some 10-year-old kid stole my board, however it was really type of rad. I simply began running, full-on Forrest Gump style, using the whole demo following behind me. All of the kids were yelling, "We are gonna kill him!" We thought she got away, however an arbitrary lady goes, "Pardon me, I saw the entire factor," and suggests a fat kid. Exactly what a ruler! The small snot-noser denied it initially, however he pulled a number of damaged cigarettes from his pocket and began crying.

He stated some older dude and 2 chicks told him they'd provide him cigarettes if he stole a board on their behalf. To ensure that may have really managed to get my favorite demo, since it meant not getting to do before 300 kids.

The next time you want to Australia, how can the trip go lower?

We are gonna go simultaneously as Tony Hawk so nobody may even know we are there.


I acquired hungry and go to a 7-11 across in the hotel on a single wet night in Newcastle. They'd these little sausage things known as 420 Party Rolls. I wasn't thinking about buying them, however I observed there would be a cartoon of the skateboarding bird putting on a bib around the package and that i understood it had been future. I purchased Them and saved this area.

Around the yesterday from the tour, Duncan (our Aussie friend and driver for that trip) came up and did the outline work, then a few of the crew (Rhino, Darren, Al, Noah, and Gravette) contributed just a little ink towards the designated zones. It's funny: The entire factor got infected aside from the outline, but no down were ruffled also it switched out tight!--Guzman


Ryan's among the easiest skaters for traveling. He demonstrated to the airport terminal having a Mr Rogers sweater on, he will get creeped out by silverware, and he'd rather sleep on the ground than you are on a bed. A minimum of he saves us cash on rooms in hotels. Also, he loves shitty radio music and will get a grin on his face when there's an eight-hour drive in front of us.

"Eight hrs? Really? I can not wait!" Nothing appears to daunt him. It was type of his first trip using the Creature guys. Darren nicknamed him "Fire Starter" because he'd go to any place and rip. He is doing what he is doing and does not care. Does he have issues? Yeah, but that is why is him unique!


1 He'll get drank on the flight and provide all around the aisle

2 Will shut lower the demos with Indianapolis 360s, fly-outs, and back flips the best skateboards

3 Probably to piss on another person's luggage within the accommodation

4 Tales for several days within the van

5 You'll witness him scorpion a minimum of 10 occasions per trip
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Re: Помогите определить минерал :)

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фоток нет...


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